Reverse Phone Lookup

To find out information including names and addresses for publicly listed phone numbers, please just type the number and click the search button below...

Reverse phone lookups come in two flavors. The first being a totally free public directory lookup which allows you to search through publicly listed land lines to find out owner information. This type of lookup is free (provided by such services as because the information is publicly available in a national directory.

The other type of lookup is an unlisted phone lookup which is otherwise known as a reverse cell phone lookup. This latter type of phone number requires to you to pay for the information you need because of the nature of the data collection and accessibility. Since it is extremely difficult to find out reverse cell phone information (there's no public directory), you've got to rely on private companies to provide the information for you.

With this tool, you can see if the phone number is listed publicly and if so, the information behind it. We've also included a "last validated" section on this lookup to give you a good look at how old the data actually is. One of the constant problems with these public directory searches is the fact that the information in them can be quite old (sometimes up to 5 years) which makes them relatively unreliable. Many search tools we've seen online do not supply this information and so we thought it would give you some more useful information.

That's why we recommend you actually pay for the information if it's needed for something important. That way, you can rely on it to be not only high quality but also up to date. We discuss this more on our reverse cell phone lookup tutorial.