Cell Phone Investigating By Calling Them

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Considering it's legal where you live, you could use these steps to find out reverse phone information from anybody for free, and it's relatively easy to do.

The only problem is that in many cases this method is illegal and so to see if you're okay to do it, we strongly recommend you contact a privacy lawyer who knows the ins and outs of exactly what you can do. To this effect, UnitedSleuths.com will not accept any responsibility for consequences or actions incurred from reading this article. We intend this for educational and entertainment purposes only and do not recommend it as a legal service.

With that established, and if you're sure that you're legally allowed to do this stuff, then using this method is what's known as an "old school" detective technique. Essentially, before all the flashy services and "instant" information online, PI's and detectives used to just ring their "targets" and pretend to be someone they aren't.

This worked very well, and still does, but you've got to know what you're doing and more importantly what you need to say in order to "trick" them into giving you their personal details. Today, you're going to learn about the various methods you can use to find out someone's information by ringing them up:

1. Pretend You've Called The Wrong Number

This is the classic technique which is the first port of call if you're heading down this route. All you need to do is call them (not from your home phone, cell phone or by "blocking" your number... you need to call them from a public phone box as to not raise any queries) and pretend that you need to urgently talk to your friend "Roger" or whatever.

Usually, they will be so startled that they will just say "Sorry, I think you have the wrong number". Upon them saying that, just ask quickly "Who's number is this then, please?". Because the situation isn't a familiar one, they will likely hand over their details without another thought.

2. Pretend You're Someone Else

This method requires some homework and is normally where you ring up and pretend to be someone they have dealt with in the past, such as an insurance company or individual. Phone them up and simply saying something along the lines that you have their phone number they left with you and you need some more information from them.

This method of finding the information is known as "pretexting" and in most cases is considered highly illegal and can even amount to fraud. This means you should use it at your own risk.

3. Ask Who They Are

This is normally considered a "long shot" but can work. Just ring them up and ask who they are because you were given the number by a friend of yours and are just checking who it belongs to. The best way to do this is to be as "genuine" and "friendly" as possible, making them think that it actually did happen to you.

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